Monitoring, Alerts and Insights

In the past I.T. efficiency was focused on the performance of infrastructure systems. Today, the focus moved to the productivity that those I.T. systems drive. Amidata’s Monitoring, Alerts and Insights, enables your staff and clients to work and engage more efficiently.  

This focus on productivity, requires additional data insights to help you understand, measure and improve efficiency. Amidata can gain vital insights using the Monitoring, Alerts and Insight tools to deliver and manage the tools your business needs. 

Infrastructure & Network Insights – The phone rings on the support desk. This is never a good sign. Imagine knowing, seeing and responding to the issue before your users experience suffering. If your goal is to reduce downtime, having the correct insights is critical. 

Application Insights – Tasks today are completed through interconnected systems of record on and off-premises. Slow response and inefficient systems are costly to any business. Diagnosing the cause can be challenging. Amidata can provide your business with the insights to understand what is creating the problem, and how to fix it.

User Access Insights – Capturing who has access to your data and how they access it, is a complex challenge. In the past, systems to manage this were complex, expensive and impacted staff productivity. Amidata can provide the systems to provide the controls to your business, monitor user access and improve productivity with single sign on.


Detect Problems.
Respond Rapidly.
Optimise Performance.


Born in the cloud.
GPU Performance.
Low Cost.


Understand app performance.
Improve response.
Remove bottlenecks.