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Amidata are the Veeam experts.

Amidata offers:

  • Socket Licenses (perpetual).
  • Subscription Licenses.
  • Monthly Rental Licenses (per VM, per Month).
  • 365 Backup Licenses (per user, per month)
  • Veeam Services & Support.

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Veeam is your single backup and Data Management Platform, for Cloud, virtual or physical.
Leading the way to Intelligent Data Management, since 2006 .

Modern data protection requires an intelligent approach

As data has grown into a key element for every digital business, you need solutions that support you growing with it.
An intelligent approach to data protection enables:

  1. data to back up autonomously.
  2. migration to the right location, based on business needs.
  3. security from anomalous activity.

Veeam has emerged as a front-runner in data backup and recovery, integrating data protection and mobility. This adds security and compliance, creating a single platform that can handle data protection on nearly any business infrastructure.
Adopting Veeam’s platform, helps you make data fluid across any cloud. This is done without any hardware, software or licensing barriers. It also frees up resources constrained by legacy tools and re-focuses them on accelerating innovative projects.

Throughout the years, Veeam® has pioneered innovative solutions that enable businesses to meet modern data demands. Thus, achieving the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.  

Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform

Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform is the most complete solution to help customers on the journey to automating data management. It ensures the Hyper-Availability of data. Veeam has more than 307,000 customers worldwide, including 75% of the Fortune 500 and 58% of the Global 2000.

Amidata is a Veeam Gold Service Provider Partner.

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Does Veeam support anything other than VMWare?

This is a common question. Veeam supports both VMWare and Hyper-V hypervisor’s. Veeam also supports bare metal windows servers as well as Linux, AIX and Solaris.

How long does this take to install?

Typically this only takes a few hours, we can install on-site of assist you with your deployment over the phone.

Which license program suits me best?

This is a tough one to answer. It depends on how many servers (physical and virtual) your business needs and how you budget expenses. As we can sell you all of Veeam’s options, we ensure you get the most suitable licenses for your needs.