Security and data protection

Safeguard against today’s
cyber threats

Cyber attacks are continuing to grow in sophistication, impact and
frequency. Guarding against attacks requires resources 24/7/365.

Amidata are experts in end-to-end cyber security. We can protect
your business systems, data and operations from cyber attacks.

  • Get full system, software and endpoint security
  • Monitoring and alerts to swiftly stop any hacks
  • Hardened protection for sensitive data
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Are you adequately protected?

If unsure, the first step is to assess your IT system's current security to establish your baseline. You can then take action to remedy gaps in your Cyber Security posture.

Amidata offers a portfolio of Cyber Security assessment services to give you a step-by-step approach. Choose the Bronze, Silver or Gold Package or a customised mix of services to suit your organisation.

Each service can be deployed separately and forms one piece of a holistic Cyber Security strategy.

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Secure Your Business Against Ransomware

Secure your business
against ransomware

Ransomware attacks cost businesses millions every year. Keeping your business safe is a two-fold matter: good backups and effective Cyber Security.

We offer protection, monitoring, and repairs from cyber attacks.

  • Security assessments and backup protection
  • Rapid containment and elimination of cyber threats
  • Save time with automated security checks
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Secure Your Business Against Ransomware
Service benefits

Outsource time-consuming tasks

Zero-Trust Security

Zero-Trust Security

Permission management can be a repetitive and time consuming admin task. Amidata takes over that side of your system security, freeing up time for your staff to do business-orientated tasks.

Automated Compliance

Automated compliance

Staying up to date with compliance legislation can eat up hours of valuable time. As specialists, we’re always on top of the latest requirements, and can automatically apply these to your security systems.

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitoring and alerts

If a security breach occurs, you’ll be immediately notified as our experts go about fixing the issue. You’ll also receive forensic reports to prevent future vulnerabilities.

Your Security is only as good as its weakest link

Ensure full system protection

Network Security

Network Security

Whether your system runs off virtual servers on the cloud, or on local machines, security is paramount. Install best-in-class safeguards on your business network.



Even the best security system can be compromised by lax user safety. Install a zero-trust framework to prevent cyber threats gaining access via laptops and devices.

Hybrid IT Systems

Hybrid IT systems

Cyber attacks have evolved to exploit gaps where legacy technology meets the latest in cloud computing. Amidata offers wraparound security to safeguard your whole system.

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