Hardware procurement

Source the best IT hardware and
software solutions within budget

Receive a custom-made plan to look after all your hardware
needs. We source from a wide range of hardware vendors and
can include maintenance with the hardware package.

  • Vendor supplied savings passed on to client
  • Extended warranties and maintenance packages
  • Single-point support and integration services
  • Consulting on tech upgrades and new systems
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Benefit from a single
hardware supplier

Nowadays most systems are made up of software and hardware from a dozen different suppliers.

Sourcing hardware through Amidata means you have one point of support, maintenance and supply.

  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Fast support across the whole range of your hardware
  • Seamlessly integrate all your hardware and software
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Benefit From A Single Hardware Supplier

Ensure full support for
all your hardware

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance

We offer maintenance, support and upgrades for all the hardware we supply. Going through one supplier simplifies this process immensely, saving time and resources.

Next Level Automation

Software integration

Many hardware problems actually come from software issues or compatibility. We look at the hardware requirements that are needed to support your software and system requirements.

System Optimisation

End-of-life support

Leverage our tech support to safely extend the life of your hardware. Keep hardware functioning smoothly until it’s time to make a cost-effective upgrade.