Enterprise cloud storage without
the risks and high costs.

Enterprise data growth is exponential and cloud storage has
become the prevailing solution, but security, cost and data
sovereignty concerns persist. Amidata Secure Cloud Storage

  • Scalable, enterprise-grade object storage
  • No egress or hidden fees. Simple and
    competitive terabyte / month pricing
  • Highly secure – Australian-only data centres,
    local support, georedundancy and encryption
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Secure cloud storage for the long-term.

Amidata Secure Cloud Storage boasts key benefits that make it
a unique and competitive alternative to public cloud providers:

  • Georedundancy - unparalleled availability and
    resilience with all data replicated across three
    geographically dispersed Australian data centres.
  • Flexibility - configure and manage your own storage
    buckets, or Amidata can provide end-to-end
    management of your cloud storage.
  • Technical Support - receive the support to configure
    your storage cloud with the right level of security,
    resiliency and responsiveness.
  • Durability - an impressive 19 nines of durability
    ensuring your data is safe for the long term.
  • Security and data immutability -
    ransomware protection and data loss prevention from
    cyber attacks and accidental deletions.
  • Data sovereignty - your data is stored within
    Australian data centres and supported by Australian
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