Data Protection: How do you combat such a complex and varying challenge?

Data Protection

Businesses are being reimagined by the day. We live in an era that is quickly becoming defined by digital transformation and disruption. It’s unlike anything society has experienced previously. New technologies develop by the day, and these technologies are enabling organisations to reimagine how they deliver services, how they create experiences, and even how they retain talent internally.

Now, what is the one commodity these new technologies are creating that holds importance above all else?


“Data is the engine of your digital transformation and is your most valuable currency.”[1] In today’s society, everything is instantaneous and always-on. The gig economy and platforms like Uber, Airtasker and Netflix have transformed the definition of immediacy. And work is no different. Organisations need data to be instantly available, wherever and whenever necessary. But when it’s not available, the “financial and business impact of unplanned downtime and data loss can prove catastrophic.”[2]

The challenges associated with protecting data are more complex and varying than ever. Exponential data growth, service-level requirements, compliance and the evolving threat landscape are intensifying risk, and that’s without considering the overall complexity of protecting your data across a hybrid environment.

The numbers don’t lie, 71% of organisations can only tolerate less than one hour of downtime for business-critical apps before invoking a failover.[1] An organisation get’s hit by ransomware every 40 seconds,[2] while 47% of organisations aren’t confident that their backup and recovery processes are sufficient for their hybrid environment.[3]

The question then, is how do you combat such a complex and varying challenge? Well, you adopt a more intelligent approach!

Providing a data protection platform that is cloud-native, HPE StoreOnce systems offer a number of intelligent answers to the multifaceted challenge that comes with protecting your organisations most valuable currency, and we thought it pertinent to highlight three of the best.

1. Reduces complexity

You can seamlessly cloud-enable your storage, backup, and enterprise apps, as well as integrate your own personal choice of cloud service provider without having to leverage a separate gateway or virtual appliance.[4]  

2. Protect your data your way

With the ability to deploy across cloud, physical and virtual environments, eliminate the possibility of lock-in and leverage capacity that grows with your organisation through a consumption-based Backup-as-a-Service model, handled through Amidata.[5]

3. Deliver on SLAs

Achieve 23 times faster backup and 15 times faster recovery for your business-critical apps without severely impacting your production environment. Additionally, thanks to intelligent deduplication, take control of your data growth and reduce your backup costs and footprint.[6]

HPE StoreOnce systems are designed with hybrid worlds in mind – letting you leverage the agility of the cloud for archive and disaster recovery (DR), while also facilitating the continued use of your on-premises infrastructure for operational recovery.[7]

At Amidata, we believe managing data should be easy. We’re focused on ensuring your data is available, protected and performing efficiently. We put your mind at rest with a Backup-as-a-Service model that is rapid to deploy, allowing you to get on with your core business.

To speak with one of our HPE StoreOnce experts about how a Backup-as-a-Service model could work for you, call us on 1300 426 432.

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