4 Reasons to make the move to HPE GreenLake

As your business grows, it needs IT infrastructure that allows it to remain competitive while meeting the demands of end-users.

Predicting your technology needs within one to two years can be difficult, and expensive outlays on depreciating technology is costly for your organisation.            

There’s a solution – HPE GreenLake.

This consumption-based IT model offers flexibility and scalability of the cloud while maintaining on- premises autonomy over your data.
Get choice over what technology you implement within your business. Pay-per-use economics and eliminate investment in excess compute, storage or networking capacity.

At Amidata, we’ve compiled the top 4 reasons why your business should make the move to HPE GreenLake for a seamless IT experience.

Consumption-based OpEx cost structure

The capacity to better predict costs is a key benefit to HPE GreenLake.

With variable payments based on actual metered usage, you gain rapid scalability using an on-site buffer of extra capacity[i].

Through an OpEx cost structure, you have greater control over your budget and can allocate funding to other areas of your business.  With cost predictability, HPE GreenLake allows you to scale up and down to handle different workloads at specific times. 

Your business can also take advantage of various pre-configured infrastructure packages available through HPE GreenLake. These packages leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technology, such as HPE ProLiant servers.

Through pay-per-use capacity that supports infrastructure and software. HPE GreenLake offers a holistic solution that allows your business to scale up and down based on your changing requirements.

Agility of the public cloud

On-demand scalability and pay-as-you-go services are major benefits available through the public cloud.

The HPE GreenLake model allows you to provision capacity in a matter of minutes from the ready-to-use bu­ffer in your data centre infrastructure. It’s like a public-cloud experience for on-premises IT—no months-long procurement cycle and no upfront capital costs.[ii]

Through leveraging a hybridised environment, your business has on-going flexibility and doesn’t have to be tied down by the limitations of IT procurement and provisioning. This gives greater transparency across budgets and cost-predictability. That helps you plan and invest in other innovations across your business.

Align IT with your business’s ever-changing needs with the on-demand capabilities of HPE GreenLake.

Security and performance of on-premises IT

With growing pressures to move to consumption-based IT models, businesses want the agility of the public cloud. There is however, still concern surrounding the security of data.

Consuming IT from the public cloud enables speed, scale, and convenience, but at the expense of on-premises control [iii]. HPE GreenLake offers the best of both worlds, with an all-encompassing hybrid solution.

Harness the benefits of public cloud services while simultaneously keeping workloads on-premises for increased security, privacy and control[iv]. Get an end-to-end solution with a combination of cloud simplicity coupled with the security of on-premises backup and management.

Time to focus on business-led initiatives as opposed to “keeping the lights on”

The hybrid elements of HPE GreenLake offer modern businesses the option to combine the best aspects of the public cloud and on-premises IT. From reduction of expensive outlays to pay-per-use models, businesses have a holistic and scalable solution for inevitable growth.

With so many services provided under one overarching IT model, you can focus on business-led initiatives and innovations while taking the pressure off your IT department.

Eliminating the cost of over-provisioning, allows your business to allocate funding to other areas of your organisation. This gives greater control over cash flow and increased financial flexibility.

Are you ready for consumption-based IT?

We believe leveraging the benefits of HPE GreenLake will accelerate your digital transformation. It will allow you to remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Amidata is proud to partner with HPE to help businesses like yours optimise their IT environments.
For more information about HPE GreenLake, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff.

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