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Total data protection for busy IT managers

As data protection specialists, Amidata delivers excellence in technology and customer service, offering expert management of all your data storage, backup and security. Our ultra-resilient approach ensures your data is protected along with the layers of hardware it resides on, with a comprehensive Cyber Security suite available for added peace of mind.

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Core problems we solve

Software agnostic backup and protection

Backup and protect all
your systems and data

In the event of data loss, you want to know that your backup systems have been properly maintained and protected.

Amidata’s backup as a service will ensure data
recovery is fast and dependable.

  • Back up Microsoft Office 365, AWS, & more...
  • Protect your data from disaster and cyber events
  • Custom solutions to back up all your systems

Backup and Protect all your Systems and Data

Ensure End-to-End Cyber Security For Your Business

Ensure end-to-end Cyber Security for your business

Entrust your data protection and security compliance to the specialists.

Protect your data from today’s threats so that in the event of a cyber attack you can get your business up & running again, fast.

  • Protect from cyber threats
  • Shield from ransomware attacks
  • Implement a Zero Trust framework
Ensure Legal Compliance

Own and control your data with full compliance

Know exactly where your data is stored, at all times.

If your business is subject to data sovereignty laws, Amidata can ensure full legal compliance for your data protection.

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant data storage
  • Control over where your data is stored
  • Cloud and local data storage options

Own and Control Your Data With Full Legal Compliance
Data Protection Made Simple

How Amidata takes care
of your data

Step one
Step 1.
Data backed
up to cloud
/ onsite
Step two
Step 2.
Cyber Security framework in place
Step three
Step 3.
Systems maintained with 24/7 support
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Secure business critical assets

24/7 hardware maintenance and support

Amidata offers bespoke multi-vendor hardware maintenance across all your IT infrastructure.
We make it simple to keep your hardware in top condition.

  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Single supplier across all OEM’s globally
  • 4 hour onsite SLA
Hardware Check
24/7 Helpdesk
Hardware Check
Single supplier across
all OEM’s globally
Hardware Check
4 hour onsite SLA

Extend the life cycle of your infrastructure and simplify maintenance with a single point of contact for all hardware repairs and upgrades. Choosing Amidata typically means a 50% cost saving while protecting your critical business infrastructure.

Software Support

Because hardware issues are often linked to software problems, Amidata can provide an optional software support agreement. Access highly trained technical specialists to solve potential software issues.

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Safeguard your business data

Protect all your business data from
deletion, cyber attack and theft

How Amidata protects your business from cyber attack:


Identity and Access


Endpoint and Mobile


Cloud Security


Email Security


Vulnerability Management

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Don’t just take our word for it:

Free your resources and protect your data.

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With great data protection comes great responsibility

At Amidata we understand that data protection is an essential service and safeguards the core of your business. Get peace of mind when Amidata takes over this responsibility for you.

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“Amidata gives customers peace of mind and complete protection from today’s cyber threats.”

Michael Whelan Founder