Data backup and protection

Protect your data from
today’s threats

Access the very highest level of data security when you back up
your data with Amidata.

Free up resources when we take over the storage, maintenance
and retrieval of your business data.

  • High-speed disaster recovery and data restoration
  • Flexible options for large and small organisations
  • 3-2-1 protection for complete data security
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Full support and
protection for your backups

Data storage has evolved into a complex operation that can
consume many resources.

Amidata offers Backup-as-a-Service to free up your internal resources with assurances that your data is safe.

  • Backup cloud systems and virtual servers
  • Secure backup is the best defence against ransomware
  • Microsoft 365, mailbox and workstation backup
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Full Support and Protection for your Backups
Data storage maintenance

When your back is against
the wall, trust your backup

Backup As A Service

Backup monitoring

The best protection against ransomware is to ensure your backups are frequent, complete, and free from malware. Amidata uses sophisticated monitoring to keep your backups clean and secure.

Managed Services

Choose your support level

It's up to you how much you want to outsource. We offer a range of backup service - from fully managed, to client managed.

Professional Services

Fast restoration

Our backup and running service can get your business back up and running quickly and smoothly. This means complete and regular backups - software, data, workstations, emails - for quick retrieval.

The backup process

Enterprise-level backup for
every business

Backup As A Service

Legal compliance

We're able to offer data sovereignty in several locations. Store data with complete HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Talk to us if you have specialist requirements- we’ll be able to help.

Managed Services

Data encryption

We encrypt your backup data to provide an extra security layer for your business. Even if a ransomware attack takes down all your systems, you can be up and running within hours when you have secure backups.

Professional Services

Fast installation

We're able to back up most systems in a day and have all your data duplicated safely and securely without disrupting your regular software operation.

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Don't just take our word for it:

Free your resources and protect your data.

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