Free Up Staff Time By Outsourcing System Admin

Free up staff time by
outsourcing system admin

Your IT staff have an ever-expanding list of tasks and
obligations. Free them up to work on business critical jobs.

Amidata saves you time by taking over the maintenance of your
networks, software, hardware, and security.

  • Ensure your systems are up to date and secure
  • Seamless integration of cloud, local and 3rd party systems
  • Automate time-consuming reports
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Ensure network security
with an all-inclusive solution

Most system vulnerabilities arise from inadequate integrations between different software and hardware solutions.

Leveraging Amidata services means that your system is fully managed and secure with support available 24/7

  • Remove redundant systems to simplify your tech
  • Custom dashboard to see all critical data in one place
  • Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks
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Ensure Network Security
Efficiency and automation

Improve network performance

Next Level Automation

Next level automation

With the right setup, many time-consuming tasks can be automated. This leads to increased productivity for your staff and improved job satisfaction.

Faster Data Processing

Faster data processing

Knowledge workers can only go at the speed of the system they’re working on. Custom optimisation of your network can result in huge gains in speed and performance.

Monitoring and Alerts

Network oversight

With the network perimeter blurred from ongoing remote working, it's becoming harder to manage and control access. Leverage appropriate controls and services with network oversight.